Subject: Re: Postfix / Spamassassin / spampd startup problems.
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/17/2004 11:27:47
Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

>I don't know /etc/rc.d/spampd.
Actually it is just a copy of /etc/rc.d/spamd modified to run 
/usr/pkg/bin/spampd instead of /usr/pkg/bin/spamd.

>Are you saying you can run "/etc/rc.d/spampd" manually and it works?
Correct.  I run '/etc/rc.d/spampd start' as root once I can login.
It works fine at that point.

>Or are you starting your spampd differently (like running "spampd").
>Maybe you need some variable defined in your rc.conf.
>Run "/etc/rc.d/spampd rcvar" to see the variable name.

Nope, running the correct(TM) way. :)
 From my /etc/rc.conf:
spampd_flags="--tagall --maxsize=512"

>Try running "rcorder -s nostart /etc/rc.d/*" to see if your spampd is
>listed in the correct place.
It shows up either before or after postfix, depending on how I fiddle 
with the REQUIRE or BEFORE values.

I would think it is related to my search & replace of spamd -> spampd, 
but it starts fine from the shell when I run it after login.  The path 
seems fine, and I don't see any errors during boot.