Subject: Postfix / Spamassassin / spampd startup problems.
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/17/2004 11:07:17
Hey folks,

I'm using postfix with spamassassin via the 'spampd' script.  So 
basically all mail through the postfix server gets scanned.

My problem is that when I (or other events) reboot the box, the 
/etc/rc.d/spampd script doesn't correctly start spampd.  Once the box is 
up I can login as root and start it successfully.

I don't see any errors, and I tried fiddling with the 'REQUIRES:' line 
to make it start after postfix or before with no difference.

I'm wondering if anyone else is using this combination, and has possibly 
seen something like this?  I'm using 2.0_BETA, steadily upgraded from 
way back, not a new install, but with the postinstall issues fixed.

The reason this is a real problem for me is that my USB printer thingy 
occasionally causes a kernel panic (I know, I should be addressing that 
issue first!), and the box comes back up without spampd running.  So of 
course the postfix server starts bouncing mail after a few days of my 
not noticing it and fixing it.  The end result is I get unsubscribed 
from NetBSD mailing lists due to bounces. :(

I'm thinking of switching to running spamassassin individually via 
procmail, but I would really like to scan everything automatically.

Any suggestions for debugging /etc/rc.d/ stuff would be appreciated.