Subject: gdm and kdm are broke after reinstalling X using xsrc
To: None <>
From: Ian Thomas <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/09/2004 13:54:19
	Both gdm and kdm worked before I rebuilt and reinstalled X.  I 
recently updated X on my system by doing the following:

1. Updated the sources in xsrc using cvs update -dP
2. Set the variable USE_XF86_4=YES in /etc/mk.conf
3. make all >& build.log in xsrc
4. make install >& install.log in xsrc

	After doing this I can no longer login using either.  I have the 
following lines in rc.local where one or the other is left commented.


	The console shows the following error message after attempting to 
start gdm

Shared object "" not found

	and when attempting to start kdm

Shared object "" not found

	I have the files,


	, but no *.so.6 files for either.  Can someone let me know if these 
are included with a working X?  Any other suggestions on how to fix 
this?  I can include the log files specified above if that would be 
helpful.  I'm running 2.0_BETA right now.

Ian P. Thomas