Subject: Problem with Visual NetBean web display
To: None <>
From: tjdarth <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/01/2004 18:51:36
Hello, I recently started to use the IDE netbean application to help me
learn about java. When I attempt to open any online document with the Swing
HTML Browser, only half of the right side of the image is presented for
viewing. When I click on a menu tab such as 'Support and doc' the left side
of the page lists several topics such as 1) Installation and General; 2)
Basic IDE functionality; etc. but the right side is almost nondisplayable.
This is occurring in NB3.5.1 as well as 3.6 Since I am new, I am not sure if
anything exist within this application that would allow me to alter the
visual display under this web process. Thanks in advance . . . . . Tom J.

Tom Johnson

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