Subject: Re: 2.0_BETA and wi driver [RESOLVED, kind of]
To: Ian Harding <>
From: John Clark <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/22/2004 21:06:03
Am Samstag, 22.05.04, um 09:21 Uhr (US/Pacific) schrieb Ian Harding:

> I went back to 1.6.2 and it works fine.  I assume nobody else is 
> having trouble, so I must have screwed up.
> <<< "Ian Harding" <>  5/20  7:10a >>>
> I just dusted off my laptop (NetBSD 1.6.1) and popped in a new 
> wireless NIC.  It worked great.
> I upgraded to 2.0 sources from the 200405100000 directory at 
> Now my NIC doesn't work.

I have had a problem with my 2.0E kernel build, gotten via cvs in the 
last couple of days. I didn't have
time to investigate it, but I was able to see that the AP indicated the 
NetBSD side had associated,
but then not much more. I had this working with the 1.6.1 setup, but 
I've not installed 1.6.2 yet...