Subject: problems booting (Error 3) after drive swap
To: None <>
From: Steve Bellovin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/21/2004 08:09:51
I'm trying to install a new disk for my laptop.  I copied the contents of
the old one, but when I try to boot I get "Error 3" when I select the
NetBSD partition.  

Since I get a partition selector, and since I can boot the Win2k
slice, I assume that the mbr boot is fine.  I tried running

	installboot /dev/rwd0a /usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv1

from the utility menu of a -current installation CD I have; I still get
the same error.  The machine itself boots just fine if I say

	boot hd0a:netbsd

from the CD's boot prompt -- I'm running from it now.  (It's running
2.0beta, which is still pretty close to -current, I believe.)