Subject: Re: compiling kernels & a virtual framebuffer?
To: czg <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/18/2004 11:46:14
On Tue, 18 May 2004, czg wrote:

> I'm sorta' used to using adjustkernel to spit out configurations for my
> system but am not sure about editing the file line by line. Is there a
> "gui" for such actions, similar to slackware's menuconfig?

menuconfig is from the Linux kernel source itself. That source includes
data files that provide the categorized choices and available answers and
also brief documentation for each choice. (That same data is used for the
curses-based interface and the X11-based interface.) Also if you choose
one option, it make make available more choices (based on that).

I don't know of any data or programs to do same for NetBSD.

> Also, its kinda' sad to see my console in a small box in the center of my
> screen, upon boot. If not the vfb, what should I use? X goes fullscreen
> just fine ..
> (this is for a thinkpad 600; if I build a custom kernel for slackware
> without the vfb option, it has the similar effect to my netbsd install).

Maybe your Thinkpad's BIOS (or CMOS) has an option for choosing
full-screen usage. (I have seen and fixed this before on a few laptops.)

 Jeremy C. Reed

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