Subject: h8300-hms-gcc port
To: None <>
From: Andrea <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/14/2004 08:54:42
I'm using gcc 3.3.* to compile my C++ programs for the h8300h 
Actually I'm under WinNT4 and I'm using the tools from

I have already run the linux rpms of them with the linux emulation under 
freebsd too.

I saw that netbsd has a port called h8300-hms-gcc but I also saw that 
the version covered is ``only'' 3.1

I'd like to use NetBSD2 when it will be released with that package to 
compile my C++ programs.

Is there a special reason why 3.1 is used and not 3.3 ?
Are ``you'' going to upgrade that package in the future ?

I'd really like to use a native gcc compiler for h8300h under netbsd :-).

Thanks for your explanations.
Mr Andrea Rossignoli