Subject: spacesync support
To: 13 <>
From: <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/29/2004 20:41:29
Spacesync continues to exceed our clients'expectations for uptime ,support, 
and customer care.With professional and caring support, excellent infrastructure, 
reasonable ,prices ,our reseller and affiliate programs, Spacesync countinues 
to offer an unbeatable solution to the needs of small and medium sized 
businesses' hosting 
requirements, as well as those of personal and non-profit site.

Spacesync Informatics  is committed to helping our customers get the the 
most out of our services,we know you have enough to do in just running 
your business, and that your time is better spent promoting your web-sites, 
not trouble-shooting it. Customer satisfaction is our key success factor

All of our hosting features are back up with solid servers and infrastructures 
to ensure best performance and 24/7 real-time present to Internet.We guarantee 
no more than  60% of average resources usage on all servers and 99.997% 
network availability. 

Our technical support staff is available round-the-lock to answer your 
questions and work with you to resolve your problems. We will work 24/7 
to solve your queries and will strive to maintain 100% uptime your web-site. 
We believe in customer retention and are always there to answer your queries 
and resolve your problems . and problem will be solved in 
shortest time span possible.