Subject: Re: windows without titlebars in x
To: Eric Pogroski <>
From: Lubos Vrbka <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/27/2004 14:14:58
> just found this on a gentoo mailing list regarding this:
> try
> [app] (xconsole)
> ...
>    [Deco]	{NONE}
> work's for me, ymmv.
thanks, that works for me too.

as far as i can tell, two things seem to be broken:
1) in "remember" menu - the options do not have checkboxes, however they 
behave like if thay had them (e.g. to see  [Position] {xxx yyy} in the 
.fluxbox/apps file i have to click the remember->position only once. if 
i click it for the second time, the item disappears from the apps file). 
do you have checkboxes there, or are they missing, too?

2) even if i have "save on close" ([Close] {yes}), the status of the 
window is not saved on exit (the way i close it doesn't matter). does it 
work for you?

> btw, what version of fluxbox are you using? (I'm using .98 devel, and it works)
0.9.8 from pkgsrc (don't know now whether it's current or not). as far 
as it is developmental version, it's possible that i have old stuff and 
should upgrade... what do you think?