Subject: Re: mrtg without x11
To: <>
From: Antoine Jacoutot <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/28/2004 17:36:43
Selon Christian Biere <>:
> Did you use my patches? I've attached another patch which removes the
> the dependency on x11-links if USE_X11 is set to NO.

Hey :)
So, I've tried all your patches, but when going back in building mrtg (after
building gd), I get this error:

checking for gdImageGif in -lgd... no
checking for gdImagePng in -lgd... no
checking for gdImagePng_jpg in -lgd... no
checking for gdImagePng_jpg_ft in -lgd... no
checking for gdImageGd in -lgd... no
checking gd.h usability... yes
checking gd.h presence... yes
checking for gd.h... yes

** Ooops, one of many bad things happened:

   a)  You don't have the GD library installed.
       Get it from, compile it and
       use either --with-gd-lib=DIR and --with-gd-inc=DIR to specify
       its location. You might also have to use --with-z-inc,
             --with-z-lib and --with-png-inc, --with-png-lib for gd
             versions 1.6 and higher.  Check config.log for more
       information on the problem.

   b)  You have the GD library installed, but not the gd.h
       header file.  Download the source (see above) and use
       --with-gd-inc=DIR to specify where the file can be found.

   c)  You have the library and the header file installed, but
       you also have a shared GD library in the same directory.
       Remove the shared library files and/or links (e.g., and  This is especially
             likely if you're using a recent (post 1.8.4) version of GD
       and didn't configure it with --disable-shared.

   Consider following the instructions in doc/unix-guide.txt
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/net/mrtg
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/net/mrtg

Do you think I should ask the pkgsrc mrtg/gd maintainers to make there packages
compiled without X11 if an mk option is set ?