Subject: Re: Versions snapshot<=>kernel
To: Flo <>
From: Johnny Billquist <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/26/2003 05:20:15
On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Flo wrote:

> hi,
> when using -let's say- netbsd daily of folder 200313120000, what's the 
> best way to get the kernel sources of that snapshot?
> "cvs checkout -P -d 20031312 src/sys" sources compile a GENERIC kernel 
> which is a bit different in size... also the boot message of the 
> autobuilder kernel say it's 14-dec not 13.

You must be confused.. -d specifies the name of the directory where
everything will be placed when checked out. It don't do anything else.

If I assume that you really mean -D, then it should work, except that I'm
not entirely certain it will grok your backward notation of a date. In my
reading, that would be the twelfth of month 13, which don't exist. That
might make it take the latest from 2003, or it might be smart enough to
understand the "backward" order. I really don't know.

> for short, i don't want to compile all (cvs checkout i-want-everything),
> just use an instant installer cd content folder with the corresponding
> kernel sources.

If you don't want everything, then you should checkout the explicit
modules you want. Specifying a certain date will not limit you to files on
that date, but will give you all the files that existed at that date, even
if they were older. So except for files created later, you will get
everything, but as the state of all files were at that particular date.

Now, if you really just want to check out specific modules, then you just
give the module names as arguments to the checkout command.

Read the info-page on CVS. It's rather good. Or atleast read the manpage.


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