Subject: New ident server available
To: None <>
From: Peter Postma <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/24/2003 16:36:15
Hi all,

I've written a new ident server for NetBSD >= 1.6ZG.
It makes use of the new sysctl feature that was introduced in 1.6ZG.
The server has some limitations (e.g. there's no support for running it 
as standalone daemon) but there is IPv6 support in it and I've added 
some features that are present in the FreeBSD version.
Some arguments are not backwards compatible with the in-tree identd 
(e.g. the -l flag is now -s) and some arguments have been removed.
It's all described in the manpage.
Please note that 'make install' will overwrite the existing identd and 
manpage, so you might want to change BINDIR and MANDIR. Please also note 
that you *must* use inetd to run it.

Get it here:
Online manpage: (in 
case you want to see what features it has)

I've tested it on i386 and sparc64 and it seems to work fine.
If you have any problems then please report them to me. (patches are 
also welcome :-)

Merry christmas to all!

Kind Regards,
Peter Postma