Subject: Re: Keeping wwwoffled from getting started
To: NetBSD netbsd-users mailing list <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/23/2003 12:59:15
> As I understand things, to keep wwwoffled from being started at system
> startup, I should either remove "wwwoffled=YES" or change it to
> "wwwoffled=NO".

Yes, that's correct.
> I have in fact tried both removing the line from rc.conf (or commenting
> it out) and changing it to "wwwoffled=NO" - still, wwwoffled shows up
> in "top", it *still* gets started.
> What is happening here? Why is wwwoffle still being started?
> I could - of course - just remove wwwoffle, but this seems less elegant
> - - after all, I could run into the same problems with other services, as
> well.

Have you rebooted after changing rc.conf?  The file is processed at boot
time, so, if you don't reboot, your changes there will have no affect.

If you want to stop/start services without rebooting, you can use the
/etc/rc.d/<service> scripts directly.  To list the parameters that a
script accepts, run it without any arguments.  To stop a running service,
use `/etc/rc.d/<service> stop`.  Note that in order to `stop' a service,
you must still have the "service=YES" entry in /etc/rc.conf.  If you don't
have an entry in rc.conf, use the `forcestop' argument - in your case:
`/etc/rc.d/wwwoffle forcestop` should do the right thing.


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