Subject: Re: email (was Re: Recoverable Network File System?)
To: None <>
From: Sean J. Schluntz <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/14/2003 09:50:04
On Dec 12, 2003, at 3:47 PM, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> Ah, we're talking about mail.
> That opens up other cans of worms.

That's one of the things :)

> I've worked with mail systems a little bit.  I also worked for a
> company that wrote an HA application for Sun's a while back.
> FURTHER, I've worked on with production systems, including trading
> floors where 3 minutes of downtime means, no matter how bad the trader
> has done for several months, you just cost him the deal of a lifetime
> and cost the company millions^WBILLIONS of dollars :)
> (part of why we wrote HA for Sun).

Thanks for the info.  Yes, I realize that my architecture doesn't have 
to be HA and that a simple server on reliable hardware would do the job 
very well.  I'm in the position to need to rebuild a small architecture 
(all new( or new to me) hardware and such) and thought that this would 
be a good opportunity to work on my own skills in building fully 
redundant systems :)

I've only worked on a couple of Sun HA systems (all using Suns 
software) and have not had the opportunity to do the whole thing.

So, I guess in short I'm doing it for the fun of it :)


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