Subject: Re: Running services without root-privileges
To: None <>
From: Benjamin Walkenhorst <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/06/2003 11:59:58
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On Wednesday 03 December 2003 09:00, Chuck Yerkes wrote:

> I've liked the notion of a linux kernel and BSD everything else
> just to get stallman to shut the hell up about "GNU/Linux".

Yes, I'd fall in love with it immediately.
In fact, I use Slackware 9.1 on my desktop machine. It uses a BSD-style=20
init (I hate SysV! Symlinking to tables an giving the links cryptic=20
names! I just don't get why Sun, SGI and whoever else was using BSD as=20
their system's foundation, switched over to SysV...).
There is CRUX, which I have not tried, but it has BSD-style init and a=20
ports-system, too. In fact, I understand there *are no* binary-packages=20
for CRUX. And the ports-system, IIRC, does not use dependencies.
As soon as I get a flatrate, I'm going to give it a try.

> Oh wait, hurd is coming along.  It's only been 20 years since
> we've heard it.  Then Sun will just give up solaris, HP and
> IBM will shutdown.  Darl will cancel his actions and get a job
> serving fries and linux and bsd will just fade away.

Don't make fun of the mighty HURD! Once it's finished, it'll surely=20
rock. Sure, we might not get to see the day. Neither might our=20
children. But our grandchildren, perhaps, or their children. One day,=20
mankind will rejoice... ;-)

kind regards,


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