Subject: SVBUG what happened tonight (12-04-2003)
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From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/05/2003 07:29:02
Announcement for 2003-12-04
Topic: What happened to me tonight.

The reflections of a night can at times be beyond one's control.

To make it short, I got in a car accident tonight. I am okay,
nothing wrong; just a shaken realization. As the CHP officer said, 
"your still alive". And I am glad of that.

My vehicle is totaled and replacement will not be easy. At least
not as easy as when I worked in the tech sector. My decision
has been and always will be to stay in computers.  However, it's
a pity that my life decisions are not as good a my technical.
(some might argue otherwise).

To surmise I'm a bit melancholy, but what's important to you
is this:

Jon Syrstad of Ampex has confirmed that my findings that
using a white list is the key to avoiding spam.  He estimates
that within a month his job of reviewing the daily SPAM from
"8 times a day for legitamite email" to "once".

Jon uses a full set of tools and is personally charged by
the CEO to reduce SPAM. He has both commercial and open
source tools. None have been or will every be as effective
as a "white list", consisting of family, friends, business
associates and people you really want to talk to.

So, as a local company selling cell phone service likes to say,
"get off 'their' clock, permission to speak freely".

			Thank You