Subject: Re: Running services without root-privileges
To: None <>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/03/2003 00:00:35
Quoting Louis  Guillaume (
> >pkgsrc is made to be cross-platform. I use it on several Linux machines
> >for 14 months now. (In fact, my linux-kernel, glibc, everything, is in
> >pkgsrc.) 

> Also how do you deal with packages that would be part of the "base" 
> "comps" "text" "etc" etc. sets in NetBSD (i.e. the stuff in /usr/src) 
> and the kernel sources?
They are not part of pkgsrc.  irrelevant.

> This is a very interesting concept - a potential pkgsrc/Linux 
> distribution, perhaps? It would be a dream come true.

I've liked the notion of a linux kernel and BSD everything else
just to get stallman to shut the hell up about "GNU/Linux".

Oh wait, hurd is coming along.  It's only been 20 years since
we've heard it.  Then Sun will just give up solaris, HP and
IBM will shutdown.  Darl will cancel his actions and get a job
serving fries and linux and bsd will just fade away.

But I digress :)