Subject: talk not defaulting to 'localhost' not honoring an explicit 'localhost' request.
To: None <>
From: Nate Hill <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/26/2003 19:31:20
I'm trying to get talk to work using the loopback interface. I want to 
block all incoming udp traffic on my external interface and, this 
seems to disable the use of talk. Further inspection reveals:

26/09/2003 19:25:57.215408 pppoe0 @1:8 p 
Cirrus.Mine.Nu[],52158 -> 
Cirrus.Mine.Nu[],ntalk PR udp len 20 112 IN
26/09/2003 19:25:57.215685 pppoe0 @2:3 p 
Cirrus.Mine.Nu[],ntalk -> 
Cirrus.Mine.Nu[],52158 PR udp len 20 52 OUT

which confirms my suspicions. All requests originate from and are 
destined to 'Cirrus.Mine.Nu' (external address) wether I append user@ 
with localhost or

It seems that talk should in fact be defaulting to a local interface 
and in any case it should definitely not ignore my explicit @host 

ps: I know that the packets aren't actually leaving pppoe0 but, it's 
just plain stupid and complicates my filtering rules.