Subject: Re: SBP2 cant login into the device.
To: Rishabh Kumar Goel <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/26/2003 11:51:34
Basically this works by you getting the device into a known state.

Then write an orb addr to the management register (which comes from the ROM).

These can be any orb command (so a really inefficient way to send commands
is to just write them one by one to the management reg). 

The device will issue a read back to you at that addr and you return the orb
(which should be login initially). Login orbs have a login response address
in them and a generic status address in them. You must have callbacks
ready to accept write's to those addresses to get the answer/status back.

(And in general all orbs should remain on the "to be processed list" until
final status is written for them).

Realize all addresses are "virtual" in that firewire uses a 48bit address
map that needs to get mapped into host space somehow. The current driver
does this by using bitmaps to track virtual addresses used. 


>hi james,
>i once again resumed my work on SBP2. I think that i m not writing the LOGIN 
>ORB packet to the place where it should have been written. Can you help me 
>out with it. I tried finding it on google but couldn't find ne answer to it.
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