Subject: Re: NetBSD being used as the core for secure OS distro
To: , <>
From: Shane M. Coughlan <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/25/2003 21:14:25
> I think NetBSD could be a very excellent base for your project.  However
> there are some known limitations w.r.t. hardware support in
> NetBSD-1.6.1, especially on i386, and for those reasons FreeBSD may make
> a more practical base for your project.

I may regret asking this, but what known limitations are likely to come and
bit me (especially on the i386 flavour of the system)?

I notice a problem with ISA network cards and a USB setting in BIOS which
can cause trouble, an issue with monitors going to standby and PCMICA model
problems (all fixable) there something else?