Subject: Re: SU problems
To: Dennis von und zu Brok <>
From: Zhang Weiwu <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/24/2003 23:21:12
Dennis von und zu Brok wrote:

>Err... I just built a quite recent (cvs-updated about a few days ago) 1.6.1
>system on i386 and now cannot su to root anymore. Of course, /etc/group
>settings would allow it. Why could that be?
>Thanks in advance.
Not necessary for cross post.

I just come from FreeBSD. At the begining I have the same problem. I 
solved the problem by setting my first group to be operator (so that to 
shutdown) and put wheel as secondary group.
$user mod -G wheel -g operator username

This works for me, try it. I think NetBSD want wheel to be the second 
group to avoid security issues.