Subject: Re: problem building Orbit2 on 1.6.1
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/22/2003 19:53:14
> I'm trying to build /usr/pkgsrc/net/Orbit2 on NetBSD 1.6.1, but I get
> this error:
> undefined reference to `libintl_bindtextdomain' gutils.o(.text+0xea7):
> undefined reference to `libintl_bind_textdomain_codeset'
> gutils.o(.text+0xec4): undefined reference to `libintl_dgettext'
> gmake[3]: *** [client] Error 1 gmake[3]: Leaving directory

I suspect that some package has a dependency on a newer verson of the
libiconv package than what the package itself specifies.  You could
try upgrading the libiconv package and try again.

No guarantee, though.

- Håvard