Subject: cgd(4) backported to 1.6 branch
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/09/2003 00:41:33
[Also posted to netbsd-users and current-users, but please keep discussion
to tech-kern]

For my own personal needs, I had to backport cgd(4) to run on a system that
runs the 1.6 branch.  Thanks to the fact that this was developed in Sep-Oct
2002, not terribly long after the 1.6 branchpoint, the porting job was
surprisingly easy:  it consisted of a bunch of pulled up revisions with a
very minor amount of hand tweaking.

The result is, from my testing yesterday and today, a correctly functioning
cgd(4) device corresponding to its -current counterpart.

I've packaged the whole backport effort as a diffball against today's
netbsd-1-6 branch, and I'd like to get some second opinions on the changes
from a few folks before submitting the 50-odd related source-changes mails
(with diffs in a small number of cases--particularly conf.c, since cgd(4)
appeared after the new devsw code).

The diff should include all necessary changes, including cgd(4),
cgdconfig(8), MAKEDEV, conf.c devsw, GENERIC kernel changes, and distrib set
changes.  It is available at:

Note that you may need to do a "cvs update -d sbin/cgdconfig" to make sure
that directory is created empty before attempting to apply the diff.

A few of these revisions (disklabel.5, disklabel.h) are already submitted as
pullups to the 1.6 branch; they add functionality to disklabel(8) even
without cgd.  If these changes are pulled up, or there are new changes that
need to be added to the diffs for proper operation, I'll update the diffball
as appropriate and post an update to tech-kern.

-- Todd Vierling <> <>