Subject: Re: switching consoles and x-displays
To: None <>
From: Art Lemasters <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/29/2003 15:13:13
   Hanspeter, to run more than one Xserver at a time, add
a line to the file,

man xdm, under "Local Server Specification" will explain.
Keywords to search engines [e.g., xdm "more than one
xserver"] might yield an example or two.

   It's a good way to have the work of more than one person
available by no more than screensaver logins or something
like that.


Hanspeter Roth wrote:
>   On May 29 at 13:06, Richard Rauch spoke:
>>To switch between X11 displays and/or consoles, just switch to the
>>appropriate virtual console.   (Assuming that you are using wscons.
> I had turned off wscons and disabled logins on ttye1..ttye3. But
> this is fixed now.
>>This is the default for port-i386, but I don't know which other ports
>>have wscons.)
> Yes I'm using port-i386.
>>The only surprise is that on a default configuration, the first X
>>server you run opens up on the 5th virtual console, and all subsequent
>>X servers open up on the *same* console from which you issue the
>>"startx" command.  This in turn effectively means that you cannot
>>(I think) start an X server from an xterm---unless you manually
>>tell startx which virtual console to use.  (I don't know how to
>>override the console selection offhand, though I gather that it is
> I tried this and the system behaved funny. I could only exit by a
> reset. Maybe the two X servers were sharing the same console.
> But can one configure that the second X session goes to a console of
> it's onw?
> (My primary reason for running a second X session is to experiment
> with a different window manager.)
> -Hanspeter