Subject: Ripping Full CDs
To: None <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/28/2003 12:06:19
Does anybody have any suggestions for ripping full CDs into a single
audio data file plus enough other files (TOC, subcode, whatever) to
recreate that exact CD again?

I've been using cdrdao for this at the moment, producing a .pcm file
with the raw audio data and a .toc file with the TOC information. (I
compress the .pcm file with FLAC.) However, I'm having a few problems
with it:

1. There's no way of extracting the (R through W) subcode data to a
separate file; cdrdao wants to put it in the PCM file, which makes it
no longer a PCM file. (This means I can't play it back through other

2. cdrdao seems somewhat buggy. I have three CDs where it can't seem
to deal with the leadin or some similar data and it dumps core with an
exception (seconds > 60 or < 1). And I have another where it just seems
to jam around the end of track 12; the CD drive keeps spinning, but the
cdrdao counter stops.

I've tried cdda2wav on a few CDs, and it seems to produce the exact
same PCM output as cdrdao, read some of the CDs that cdrdao can't, and
be much faster to boot, but when I give it the "-d 99999999" to make
it produce a single PCM file for the entire disc, it doesn't produce a
proper table of contents from which I can re-create the CD. (I don't
even know if it really does, anyway.) And, though it will grab cd-text
data, it won't grab arbitrary subcode data.

Are there any other programs around that might do what I need?

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