Subject: Re: dump problem on 1.6.1?
To: None <>
From: leam <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/24/2003 12:12:27
leam wrote:
> If I use dump to make a copy of the root filesystem, how can critical 
> files like netbsd and ofwboot differ? diff -r says they are different, 
> yet I just newfs'd the filesystem and did the dump.
> The line from the scrip that does this (and works in some other places), 
> is:
>  $DUMP $DUMPARGS - ${RDEV}${PRIDISK}${SLICE} | ( cd /mnt; $RESTORE rvf - )
> Where:
>     RDEV=/dev/r
>     DUMP=dump
>     RESTORE=restore
>     DUMPARGS="-0f"
> PRIDISK is the primary disk to be dump'd from, and SLICE is the 
> partition. "a" in this case. I'm dumping from sd1 to sd0, so /dev/sd0a 
> is mounted to /mnt, and the line translates to:
>     dump -0f - /dev/rsd1a | ( cd /mnt; restore rfv - )
> I'm on 1.6.1, and another machine with 1.6R just successfully used the 
> same script.
> Thoughts?
> leam

Actually, diff -r on the directories give *lots* of differences. So it 
is not just a few files. It isn't an old filesystem as it was just 
newfs'd. It is the dump and fsck from 1.6.1, which I thought was good.