Subject: Re: 1.6.1 Upgrade question
To: Ian Thomas <>
From: Roger Fischer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/14/2003 07:21:32
So it looks like there are two utilities for updating the /etc 
directory after the update.

	etcupdate (8)
and	postinstall	(resolve issues due to an update from 1.5.x)

Do these do the same thing?  It looks like I'll need to run them both.

- roger

At 7:08 PM -0400 5/13/03, Ian Thomas wrote:
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>	Extract etc.tgz into something like /tmp/upgrade and run 
>etcupdate ( 8 ).  Check out its command line options before running 
>it.  Very handy command.  It merges old etc with new etc. 
>Personally, I've never extracted etc.tgz using sysinstall.