Subject: 1.6.1 Upgrade question
To: None <>
From: Roger Fischer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/13/2003 07:05:41
There is some conflicting info in the the i386 install document that 
I want to confirm before I begin this upgrade from 1.5.2.

A) In the section titled "Upgrade" just before "Preparing your System 
for NetBSD installation"
it says:
	"you should NOT upgrade the etc distribution; it contains system
	configuration files that you should review and update by hand."

B) But later on under "Upgrading a previously-installed NetBSD System,
it states:
	"The original /etc directory is renamed to /etc.old, and no attempt
	is made to merge any of the previous config into the new config except
	for /etc/fstab."

C) On running "postinstall" it states:
	"The following issues can generally be resolved by extracting 
the etc set
	into a temporary directory and running postinstall."
		mkdir /tmp/upgrade
		cd /tmp/upgrade
		pax -zrpe -f /downloads/161/etc.tgz

So... do I extract the etc.tgz set during the sysinstall upgrade or not?
There is one section that says "Do it", and two that say "Don't".