Subject: Re: How to jail an ftp user
To: Phil Pereira <>
From: Charlie Allom <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/07/2003 17:00:18
On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 07:35:14AM +0100, Phil Pereira wrote:
> Hello fellow NetBSD users  :)
> I can setup ftp from inetd.conf, and can configure a non-login
> account called ftp; and can also control allowed ftp users from
> /etc/ftpusers.
> However, once a user (say "ftp") is allowed to ftp in to a directory
> like /home/ftp how can I force a jail around /home/ftp so that they
> can only move within that directory or lower - basically preventing
> them from moving to /home or anywhere else?

Please read ftpd(8):

search for chroot.

--------- 8< --------
     /etc/ftpchroot   List of normal users whose root directory should
	 be changed via chroot(2).

--------- 8< --------

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