Subject: Re: Beware the Source - Mozilla
To: None <>
From: Art Lemasters <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/04/2003 13:26:46
Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I was thinking that mozilla from source had this fixed.
> Have a look at
>  sysctl net.inet6.ip6.v6only
> It should be set to 0 if you have IPv6 support in your kernel.

   After running /sbin/sysctl net.inet6.ip6.v6only [as xterm is
only using /bin directories in its bash (bash2, in the tar_files,
and this is NetBSD 1.6) path while eterm (which is ahead of
enlightenment and buggy because of that for now) uses the whole
path--each as reported by 'set'], sysctl returned a '1.'  But
Mozilla 1.2.1 (binary), a couple of weeks ago, found and just fine.  This is a dial-in
box (in the mountains, far from phone co. offices that would
otherwise facilitate more bandwidth).  So this system is using
the ISP's nameservers.  I'm a newbie to NetBSD, learning.  And
thanks for leading me to review sysctl, Jeremy.  Learning's