Subject: Beware the Source - Mozilla
To: None <>
From: Art Lemasters <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/02/2003 22:40:59
   I did "make" to download and compile Mozilla a couple of
days ago.  ...sorry I didn't record the original site for
the download.  Some of the tarfile came from the "make"
site (whatever site "make" tried and accessed without an
anonymous password), and the rest of the file came from
the US netbsd ftp site.  ...did a "reget" by way of ftp
after being cut off by my ISP, because I couldn't find
anything in the make man page to do a reget.  I suspect
that the problem source came from the original site called
and accessed by the "make."

   ...the problem?  The mozilla 1.3 that I downloaded,
compiled and installed works great, except that it won't
access netbsd through the and
addresses. error messages.  The browser simply stops
trying immediately.  The problem is not caused by anything
else on this system.  Mozilla finds everything else (even and just fine.  Lynx finds okay, BTW.

   ...clear enough?  I have no question regarding this, but
there are other questions.  Are patches included in package
tarfiles, or are they separate?  And is there any way to
do a reget with make?