Subject: help please?
To: None <>
From: Shaboom / Blaktrax Records <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/02/2003 16:43:09
I wonder if you could help me please.

I have a small office in which I have

a 1.4ghz pc running XP
a 500 mhz g3 mac running OS9.2
and a g4 titanium running 9.2 also.

I wish to network all 3 machines so I can access the net from one dial up
number. (only 56k at the moment, but adsl is coming soon)

Is it possible to run all the machines on a shared net line?

I have a netgear 5 port ethernet hub (en2005) and ethernet cables and am
desperate to get them to talk to each other for sharing word files etc...
but am not reallly pc literate.

i can set up a network on a mac but cross platform baffles me a tad.

any help would be appreciated.

Chris Hunter

Shaboom / Blaktrax Records
Po Box 38 
South Shore
FY1 6GH   

t: 0044 1253 620 039
f: 0044 1253 620 756