Subject: configuring the scroll button (?) on a laptop
To: None <>
From: Florence HENRY <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/01/2003 23:32:53

I've just  bought a (i386) laptop, and I'm running NetBSD-current on it

there is a nice feature on this laptop : a sort of scroll button (located
under the touch pad, near the mouse buttons) that should provide up/down
scroll and left/right scroll.

it's a nice feature but I can't make it work at all :o/

I've try
cat /dev/wsmouse0/1
but none respond when I click on the scroll button.

I've search in the dmesg, but no device seems to match the button. In
addition, I don't even know which bus it uses (usb ? pci ? isa ? ...)

has anyone ever heard about this kind of button, and how does it work ?


Florence HENRY
florence point henry arobasse point fr