Subject: Re: buying more NetBSD hardware
To: Michael W . Lucas <>
From: Ed Wensell III <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/15/2003 19:37:59
--- "Michael W . Lucas" <> wrote:
> Are the, say, sparc or macppc platforms sufficiently different that it
> would be worth picking one up?  Or are there other particular
> platforms that might be worth checking out?
> ==ml

Older Sbus-based SPARCs would probably prove interesting. They have a
rather unique layout compared to the DEC/PC workstations of the same era.
There's scads of these systems around which can be had for relatively
cheap. Say a SPARCstation 5 (SPARC) or Ultra1 (SPARC64). If you want to
live on the edge, you could play with the experimental SMP support on a
SPARCstation 20 or Ultra2. SMP on the cheap...

Graphics aren't stellar, but are completely sufficient for a useable
day-to-day workstation.

Ed Wensell III

"Ironic isn't it, that God gave the tortoise a drag factor of 0.03. " - unknown

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