Subject: buying more NetBSD hardware
To: None <>
From: Michael W . Lucas <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/15/2003 17:18:18

I'm trying to accumulate a reasonable variety of hardware to run
NetBSD on, for writing articles.  The catch is, I want usable hardware
that is sufficiently unique to be worth writing about and interesting
to read about, and is usable in a day-to-day context.  A Dreamcast
might both boot and work, but from reading the ports page it seems
more useful for bragging rights than anything else.  :-) So far, my
platforms include:


Are the, say, sparc or macppc platforms sufficiently different that it
would be worth picking one up?  Or are there other particular
platforms that might be worth checking out?


Michael Lucas,

           Absolute BSD: