Subject: Re: backups
To: None <>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/13/2003 01:38:52
Quoting Caffeinate The World (
> What are you using for backups? I'm curious as to the low cost of HD,

A hard drive does not provide the same level of backup that
tapes do.  I have working tapes from 10 years ago.  I could
burn them onto DVD.  Will I find a DVD drive easily in 10
years? possibly.  I've seen lots of CD drives die in that time.

hardrive:  You get a backup, maybe a few, onto it.  You drop it?
They die.   You wanna send a copy off to the bank?  Not cost
effective.  You wanna keep monthly, weekly, daily incrementals?
Kinda hard.

My tape drive has likely run 500 tapes through it.  I used to send
a set of tapes to a friend cross country every six months.  Tape
media is pretty damn cheap/gb (though for DLT, disk is getting close)

> CDROM, DVDR, etc, if people are still using tapes / DLTs for backups?

DDS (DAT) for home, DLT/AIT for work.  A CD of the home dir
every once in a while just so I can carry it with me on the
road if the laptop eats it.