Subject: Some newbie questions and swearing
To: None <>
From: Jani Alanko <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/12/2003 19:26:06
Just installed NetBSD 1.6 (i386) using ftp and it even works, but not 
perfectly. Yet.

First of all, I can't get finnish keyboard layout in console. In X I get 
it but in console no. The wsconsctl doesn't seem to recognise fi layout. 
Should I change the pccons layout and recompile the kernel? Propably 
better if I don't even try to create a customized keyboard layout.
I guess this keyboard thing also causes it, that I can't switch from 
window to another with Alt-Tab (using Blackbox) and that when I'm using 
vim, arrow keys, backspace and delete don't work in insert mode the way 
I'm used to in Linux.

And second; why I can't use su-command even though I thought I switched 
my group to wheel? Now I have this bastard arrangement that I have to 
switch to another virtual console and login as root, which I can't do 
now when I'm in X because if I switch to second console and then back to 
first, X won return back to graphics mode and I have to close it with 

And what I would give if I could get my soundcard (SoundBlaster 128PCI) 
and my tv card (Hauppauge WinTv Go) to work as they are both supposed to 
be supported and at least tv card is detected on boot.
When I start fxtv from xterm, I can't get any sound and only a messy 
Xterm gives me this:
Xlib: extension "XFree86-DGA" missing on display ":0.0".
Direct Video not supported by visual...using XImages

Strange, I also can't seem to copy text from xterm to Mozilla Mail, I 
had to write it manually.

Has anybody succeeded to make xawtv work on NetBSD? I'd rather use that 
than fxtv since fxtv is ugly and feels clumsy.
xawtv doesn't even compile but complains about missing jpeg library. I 
have installed the lib with pkg_add and after that from source. What 
else should I do?

Do I have to sell my soul to Satan in order to make this system work or 
should I just switch back to Gnu/Linux?

And yes, I have read the howtos and stuff, so no rtfm answers please. I 
even tried to configure the kernel but that was 100% pure pain because 
of keyboard problems.

Are you sure BSD doesn't stand for Bastard Software Distribution?

God damn it! Does anybody else have the problem with Mozilla that in 
browser and mail program it once in a while takes one click as two 
clicks. Real pain when scrolling to previous or next pages.
And it ruined my one-player minigolf game too.
Or is it just X since I remember that I had sometimes similar kind of 
effect when using kmail?
At least NetBSD cannot be blamed for that since I had exactly same 
problem in Mandrake 8.0

Oh, and one more thing: when I scroll to the bottom of a man page it 
just exits. Any idea why? It did the same thing in OpenBSD.