Subject: Re: softdeps and 1.6 (and mail)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/06/2003 23:35:51
It's doing both relay and POP3/IMAP.  The disk is a 7200RPM disk, and
overall the server get around 4000 messages a day, and delivers a little
over 3000 messages, so it's not really that busy.  I'm running 1.6P on
there (along with softdep) and it's been running rock solid for days now. 
The softdep performance is amazing even during heavy disk use, so I have
no complaints.

On a side note, is there an easy way to install binary snapshots from  I'm talking about the stuff in  So far I've been
booting from the 1.6 CD and using FTP install to install those, but I was
wondering if there was a tool within NetBSD to make that easier.  I looked
into sushi, but that only lets me install stuff from pkgsrc.


> Define "busy".
> Hell, define mail server - relay or final delivery.
> In real world fast mail use, processor is often close to moot.
> RAM is rarely sucked up much.
> Disk ... disk is important.
> Screw this "80GB" disk.  This is an important machine?
> Give me 2.5 GB for boot and maybe a little swap (the extra
> disk space can stay blank), and give me 3 15K RPM spindles
> for queues, and log.
> I've asked Seagate for 2GB 15KRPM disks.  They offered that it
> didn't make lost of sense (ok, they chortled and said never).
> Get me a nice (not so expensive for a performance RAID) Baydel
> unit and a 1GHz Athlon and I'll smoke most mail systems with it.
> Give me an IDE drive and a 12GHz machine and I'll be waiting for
> the disk a lot.  At least you can run seti during it's waiting time.
> To answer, I've used softdeps on important machines for a couple years.
> Good Thing.