Subject: Network strangeness
To: None <>
From: Ian Thomas <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/02/2003 17:14:36
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	I have attempted to add a PC running NetBSD 1.6 to a hub with two 
macs.  After doing the install, I brought up one of the interfaces, 
ex0, and set it as follows

ifconfig ex0

The other computers on the LAN are


	The iBook and PowerMac can both ping each other and SSH from and to 
each other.  The NetBSD box can be pinged from either mac, but cannot 
ping either mac.  Echo requests are sent but not replied to.  I also 
can't ssh into my NetBSD box from either mac or ssh into a mac from the 
NetBSD box.  Yes, sshd is running on the NetBSD box.  I set up the 
other interface, pcn0,  on the NetBSD box to use pppoe.  It worked fine 
and I could get onto the internet from the NetBSD box.
	After being stumped for a day, I set up the network differently using 
a router instead of the hub, with each machine connected to it.  IP's 
are provided by DHCP.  All computers can talk to each other fine now 
without any problems.
	The thing is, I wanted to use the NetBSD box as a dual-homed host 
firewall solution, rather then the simple firewall built into the 
standalone router.  Any suggestions on what could have caused the 
NetBSD box to not work properly on the hub?

Ian P. Thomas
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