Subject: Re: softdeps and 1.6 (was Re: xfs support)
To: None <>
From: Charles Shannon Hendrix <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/01/2003 15:08:37
On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 04:15:32PM -0600, wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone is using softdeps in a production environment. 
> I'm thinking of using 1.6 for a busy mail server and I'm not sure if I
> should use softdeps.  The machine will have lots of ram and a fast
> processor (probably 3Ghz) along with a 80GB disk.  So, does anyone on this
> list use 1.6+softdeps on busy servers?  Any input is much appreciated.

I run softdeps on a Sun SS5 24/7, running a variety of services.

I like softdeps, gets a nice speed boost, and I haven't had troubles
with it.  The machine does have 256MB RAM, but is no speed daemon.

It's on a UPS so crashes are generally only if it gets really hot
(a problem with these chassis and new hard drives).  Recovery was
relatively quick and no errors found.

I ran softdepds for a long time before 1.6 too, so just continued as
before.  It worried me at first, but after many months, I'm fairly

I'd prefer LFS, but its still not ready.

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