Subject: Re: How to fix a hard drive error
To: David Laight <>
From: Paul Hoffman <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/30/2003 15:48:21
At 11:18 PM +0000 1/30/03, David Laight wrote:
>  > There may be a workaround, though: it's possible that the drive couldn't
>>  remap this sector because it coudln't recover the data from it. A write
>>  to this sector will remap it. In single user:
>  > dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rwd0d seek=16596096
>If you don't add 'count=1' you'll need to refer to your archive :-)

Glad I didn't follow Manuel's suggestion yet!

For those following the thread, the correct command is:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rwd0d count=1 seek=16596096

David's little joke is that if you don't include "count=1", you will 
zero out the hard drive starting at that sector. Not good...