Subject: (Re-)announcing!
To: None <>
From: Anthony C. Chavez <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/27/2003 18:19:38

Due to increasing interest in advocating BSD, Daemon News is stepping
forth to offer the hosting space and coordination of a much-needed
advocacy/PR clearinghouse for all of the BSD projects: FreeBSD, NetBSD,
OpenBSD, Darwin, etc.

The goal is to have a "one stop shop," where advocates can obtain
flyers, presentations, banners, studies and other resources to utilize
when working to convince others of BSD's value.  These resources will be
housed at, which, obviously, needs some
serious help.

If you are interested in contributing ~anything~ to this effort (even if
it's just questions and comments), please visit and
subscribe to our mailing list.

Thanks for your time.

Anthony Chavez                                               Daemon News