Subject: Re: avoiding the 10 minute fsck...
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang S. Rupprecht <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/24/2003 12:29:57 (Marshall Rose) writes:
> ...ok, so most of my netbsd systems are laptops with a single 20-40gb
> disk. i'll confess to not being particularly creative when partitioning
> the disk: i use the defaults that i get when i select "netbsd with x
> windows", i.e.,
>    268MB /
>    513MB swap
>     17GB /usr

You can split the big partition up into a section that stays mounted
all the time and a section that rarely gets mounted.  Amd is pretty
good about mounting things on a demand driven basis.

Another good thing to do is unmount as many partitions as you can from
/etc/rc.shutdown.local.  I find that -current goes through spates of
hanging on shutdown and it always seems to hang before unmounting the
$#%^ disks.  Doing the unmounts earlier from userland at least
protects the big partitions from having to be fsck-ed.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
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