Subject: avoiding the 10 minute fsck...
To: None <>
From: Marshall Rose <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/24/2003 10:58:01
...ok, so most of my netbsd systems are laptops with a single 20-40gb
disk. i'll confess to not being particularly creative when partitioning
the disk: i use the defaults that i get when i select "netbsd with x
windows", i.e.,
   268MB /
   513MB swap
    17GB /usr
the problem, ofcourse, is what happens if X crashes or something and i
have to power-cycle without doing a clean halt...the lengthy fsck of /usr.
now, i'll confess that my knowledge of unix & disks is rooted in the
days of 4.1aBSD when the rules were:
    fsck /
    fsck partitions on different media in parallel (preferrably on
						    different controllers)
    never fsck two partitions on the same media in the same pass
if this is *still* the case, then i don't see how splitting /usr into
two smaller partitions (/usr and /home) helps in terms of parallelism.
so, it seems to me that the solution is to make /usr as small as
possible and then have a third partition which is a journalled
filesystem.  the theory being that fsck_XXX would run pretty damn
am i on the right track here? if so, does netbsd support a journalled
filesystem?  if not, what do folks suggest?