Subject: Newbie Alert! Woo-Hoo!
To: None <>
From: leam <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/23/2003 21:03:49
Sorry, I'm winding down my first real day with NetBSD (1.6/Sparc64) and
it has been too fun. I'll probably get arrested shortly.

Picked up the CD set at Linux World yesterday, loaded it this morning
between coffee and breakfast. After work I set up network access, loaded
the generic kernel from the cd, and have booted off my own kernel
compile! I wish I could claim the results were from brilliance, and they
may be. Not mine, however.

So far there seem to be some cool things and some things I don't really
like. Overall it's well into the "great". The new kernel booted to
hardware ping in 38 seconds. At ping +12 I could telnet in. I set up the
telnet, ssh, and ftp access faster than the last time I started to
refresh myself on linux.

Downsides are small, but there. The kernel source un-tar's from /. This
seems like a really bad idea. All of your source stuff should be for
development--far away from wherever the machine actually runs. Someone
might accidentally or otherwise put a file in the tgz that overwrites a
critical system file and you're hosed. Besides, if you remove the
"usr/src/" parts from the tree then you can easily move it wherever you
want. The only other bother I've hit is that the kernel source is to
*big* to copy to / and then untar it for the default size of /. Easily
worked around, but it just looks odd. 

Well, time to go back and read some more stuff to try. To those who've
put the documentation on the web, or have put your time and effort into
NetBSD, thanks! You've done a great job!




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