Subject: Re: Static Linking
To: None <>
From: Alex Barclay <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/20/2003 20:18:21
Rick Kelly wrote:

>Curt Sampson said:
>>Well, in fact, for security reasons I'm very happy NetBSD has moved
>>(in post-1.6) to a completely dynamically linked system. In the past
>>year I've been through two upgrades of every statically linked program
>>on several dozen systems due to security holes in libraries. Having to
>>upgrade only /lib/ or whatever from now on is going to be soooo
>>much nicer....
>On the other hand...
>I've seen it fairly widely communicated that Solaris 10 will no longer
>support building static libraries or linking against them. This will
>have wide ranging consequences when using opensource on Solaris. All apps
>that build private static libraries (bind, emacs, gcc, others) will all
>have to be hacked to support perhaps dozens of little shared libraries.
>It may not even be possible to bootstrap NetBSD on Solaris 10.
The hackers will love this one!

Back in '90 a bunch of friends hacked on the college machine 
where I was studying and made it drop a ".paranoia" file from exit(). 
You can imagine what happened to the sysadmin - suffice it to say he got 
a little paranoid!

I think Solaris should be fixable by setting a meaningful library path