Subject: Re: milter & sendmail 8.12.6
To: Netbsd-Users (E-mail) <>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/15/2003 00:17:13
For general background ...

Milters are pretty heavily threaded.  I've run them very, very
hard on very large MultiCPU boxes.  You can run a CPU intensive
milter on a single large box and feed it from several outlying
MTAs - so the virus scanner runs on a pair of V480's inside
the net while the MTA's are cheaper 1U intel boxes running
whatever Unix you want.  I've also run them on Linux and
Freebsd.  I've always linked with -lmilter and -lthread.

Again, you can run the MTA on one machine and have it talk
via TCP to the milter.  Options...

I haven't run milters on NetBSD and I'm not sure what the
state of NetBSD threading is. I'd love to be enlightened and
was conversing to someone just an hour ago about this...

Sendmail 8.12.7 has a lovely Milter sample in there.  The API
is documented on the site. is a fairly
low use slashcode site that was set up by a Sendmail person.

I don't know much about the pth library, but understand that
there is a bunch of threading work going on on some branch of

There shouldn't be a huge difference between 8.11 and 8.12,
except a gang of tweaks.  What worked on 8.11 should work on
8.12; the converse may not be true.

The only netbsd specific stuff would be getting a milter
compiled right.  start with known good milters like the
sample one, or the spamassassin on mentioned on
(sorry, I know Brightmail is a superset of S.A., but I also
know it compiles up just fine.).  spamass-milter-0.1.3a is
located on some "savannah" site or something. Google knows.

Quoting Gurujiwan Khalsa (
> Anybody know how to correctly install & use milter & sendmail 8.12.6 on
> NetBSD?  (Or perhaps the location of a detailed tutorial somewhere)?  I've
> seen this page: 
> but that's for 8.11, and it assumes the reader knows a little more than I
> do.  
> I already have these packages installed:
>    pth-1.4.1nb5        GNU Portable Thread library
>    libmilter-8.12.6nb1 Mail filter support library for sendmail
>    sendmail-8.12.6nb1  The well known Mail Transport Agent
> If I have to reinstall anything, what are the flags to give to make?  Also,
> I'm searching on how to compile & install the milters correctly, since the
> generic directions that come with milter do not apply to netbsd.