Subject: milter & sendmail 8.12.6
To: Netbsd-Users (E-mail) <>
From: Gurujiwan Khalsa <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/13/2003 18:39:01
Anybody know how to correctly install & use milter & sendmail 8.12.6 on
NetBSD?  (Or perhaps the location of a detailed tutorial somewhere)?  I've
seen this page: 

but that's for 8.11, and it assumes the reader knows a little more than I

I already have these packages installed:

   pth-1.4.1nb5        GNU Portable Thread library
   libmilter-8.12.6nb1 Mail filter support library for sendmail
   sendmail-8.12.6nb1  The well known Mail Transport Agent

If I have to reinstall anything, what are the flags to give to make?  Also,
I'm searching on how to compile & install the milters correctly, since the
generic directions that come with milter do not apply to netbsd.