Subject: Authenticating with LDAP
To: None <>
From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/13/2003 17:08:09
I'm trying to integrate a NetBSD machine into a network which is
mostly made of Debian machines, and which stores all the user
information in a LDAP database.

Apparently, there is no easy way to use a LDAP database for
authentication (sshd, login, sudo, etc) on the NetBSD machine. The
informations I've found: (an ugly hack, a
croned Perl script to refresh /etc/passwd from LDAP) (nss but not LDAP)

nsdispatch apparently has no LDAP support.

Therefore, may I safely assume that I cannot authentify from LDAP on
NetBSD and I should search something else?